These little extracellular vesicles are harvested from mesenchymal stem cells, packed with cytokines and proteins that help the response rate with various growth factor therapies. These little wonders are anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, cross the blood brain barrier, and target the growth of cells, especially useful in degenerative disc and joint conditions.


This therapy helps all the micro injuries in the musculoskeletal system utilizing glucose and increasing collagen production with your body’s own platelets (PRP) and other various growth factors. This is one of the best advanced therapies for healing and repairing damaged joints and tissue, popular with athletes who have the chronic wear and tear


Mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent stromal cells that have the unique ability to turn into a variety of cell types, these cells include bone cells, cartilage cells, myocytes and fat cells. Stem cells have properties to fight inflammation and degeneration in the body, used in medical conditions, athletes, and rejuvenation, promoting overall wellbeing and health.

Platelet Rich Plasma- PRP

PRP is harvested from your body and has the ability to increase connective tissue regeneration, collagen formation, skin thickness, and reduce inflammation quickly. Popular uses are joint, skin and hair treatments but it can be added as an essential growth factor or “booster” to any treatment.


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5. After your treatment with us, you will follow up with your primary physicians/specialist and our medical staff to measure your results from your custom treatment plan. Your assessment and in office findings will provide our clinical staff with the information they need to customize your treatment plan for you to receive the best results and nurture your stem cells.


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