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We offer extensive state of the art stem cell procedures for total health recovery

At RenewU Medical we provide an array of hope to people who have none and have been told there are no options left. We do not want to only provide a breakthrough treatment to the patients but to also take into consideration the overall well being of the patient. RenewU Medical is prepared to help patients with incurable neurololgical disorders as well as auto immune diseases. We can provide even a full recover from sports injuries.

Our treatment options are highly individualized to address your concerns and help you achieve your goals. At RenewU Medical, we bring you to balance, ensuring health maintenance, disease prevention, and you living the highest quality of life and wellness.

What Are My Stem Cell Options?

Here at RenewU Medical in West Palm Beach, we have developed specific Stem Cell programs to yield our patients the outcomes they are looking for. We are firm believers that the body is an amazingly complex and intricate system and that there are many factors that influence how our bodies age and function. It is for this reason that we don’t just specialize in Stem Cell Therapy, but we concentrate on treating our patients in entirety. We have the capability of implementing full health and longevity programs to help make sure you live the longest, highest quality of life that you can.

We like to give our patients options, depending on what their goals for their future are. It is for this reason we have developed different programs to help people address all facets of their health. We also are proud to offer; special financing, and payment plan options, as we understand that not everyone can necessarily afford to undergo these life-changing therapies. Listed below are the the treatment programs that we have developed for our patients depending on how aggressive a road they would like to take to help improve their health.

RenewU Stem Cell Therapies

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